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Tending to inner and outer wilderness

through bodywork, plant medicine,

and ecological education.

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Warm Blurry Lights

Warm Blurry Lights

Three Teacups

Three Teacups

- Tend your inner wilderness - Defend your wild places -

When we understand an ecology of a place, we are tending to our greater community, weaving resilience and strength. When we learn to recognize the native animals and plants, and learn and honor traditions of those who have walked these lands before us, we are building our foundations for a future. In doing this, we tend to our personal resilience during our often difficult, rapidly changing times by healing and deepening our connection to the land. We can learn to tune in, noticing geologic formations and the flora and fauna that thrive in the varied landscapes we pass through. And as we learn to listen to the stories our surroundings are telling us, we are bearing witness to the interconnectedness of all things. 

"...Our land passes in and out of our bodies just as our bodies pass in and out of our land; that as we and our land are part of one another, so all who are living as neighbors here, human and plant and animal, are part of one another..."

(Wendell Berry)

I invite you to walk with me and work with me as we learn to be better advocates for environmental justice, and be good tenders of the wild. I invite you to also care for your own body through bodywork and botanical allies. Everyone deserves to feel good and to enjoy the strength to journey into the inner wilds, as tending to our own health also allows us to tend to the environment and natural world with our deepest ferocity and resilience.


Massage and Bodywork

House call sessions are customized to the individual, and can include elements of deep tissue, myofascial release, restorative massage, energywork, and Thai style stretching. Prenatal massages are also available. 

60 min / 100$

75 min / 120$

90 min / 140$

1 hour massage + soundbath, min 2 people. 150$/person



Waning Moon Myofascial Release

Available only during waning moon phases, myofascial release sessions are accompanied by breathwork and herbal allies to help let go of what no longer serves you, physcially and emotionally. By releasing the fascia, we release emotions and tensions, getting to the to root of our physical and emotional issues. Assisted by the releasing energetics of the moon, this is a powerful session designed to help you fully unwind and exhale.

60 min / 100$

90 min / 140$

Waxing Moon Meridian Balancing

Available only during the waxing moon, this energetic work balances the meridians of the body and helps to restore harmony while bolstering the emotions. This is gentle yet fortifying energetic bodywork, accompanied by elements of shiatsu, acupressure, and tui na, and designed to help you build and grow.

60 min / 100$

90 min / 140$

sliding scale available, please inquire. qtpoc prioritized.


- Private Plant Identification Walks -

35$ / person / hour

Walks minimum 2 people

Inquire for large group rates


Plant walks focus on botany, traditional uses of plants, ecology of place, healing and strengthening our connection to the land, and herbal medicine. They are a great experience for visitors and locals alike, as many of the skills and experiences you learn in the desert can be revisited at home and taken with you on your further travels. Empower yourself on your healing path and begin the talk about what decolonizing what your relationship with wild plants and spaces looks like - all while learning field identification skills of native plants and animals.  On these walks, you'll also learn about the traditional and medicinal uses of Mojave desert plants, conservation ecology, local conservation groups, and human impact on the desert. 


- Public Workshops and Walks -


SUNDAY - OCTOBER 7th 2018 - 2PM - Cahuilla Language Plant Walk

Join us in the Morongo preserve for an ecology and Cahuilla language plant walk! We will be joined by my friend Liz, who is indigenous Cahuilla and is passionate about preserving her native language and making people aware that sacred spaces and the sprawling desert we inhabit was and is home to many natives, and that it’s important to acknowledge the first stewards. We'll talk about traditional medicinal, craft, and food uses of plants, some of the wildlife of the area, and respecting and understanding the plants and intricate ecosystems of the desert. We will not be wild harvesting anything during this workshop, rather we will be talking about cultivation and entitlement.

The walk is by donation at the Big Morongo Canyon Preserve, 11055 East Dr, Morongo Valley, CA.


Want a longer, more strenuous guided hike or more distant location? Want a class tailored to your specific group? Send an email and a customized adventure or workshop can be whipped up for you!

Appointments and inquiries can be made through email, call or text.

Sliding scale or trade is available on a case by case basis and prioritizes QTPOC folks.



Sun Ritual is Peri Lee, an ecologist, licensed and certified massage therapist, wilderness first responder, and herbalist based in Joshua Tree, CA. Frequently drifting and inspired heavily by the natural world, she creates bodywork herbals and ritual tools with awe and intention based on season and place. Her work with science - both ecology and botany - and magic - a belief that all things are connected and possess spirit and sacredness - are felt through her guided plant walks, bodywork sessions, and herbal formulas. She integrates many of her bodywork treatments with responsibly sourced herbal therapies, and believes that using herbs in her practice not only provides a deeper connection and respect for the natural world, but enhances the effectiveness of the sessions and bolsters mental health.

  She also passionate about keeping traditional medicines like bodywork and herbalism accessible, and offers case by case sliding scale or by-trade sessions, and is always available for injury management recommendations and plant identification help.


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