Governess - Mojave Spell Candle


This unscented 7 day candle is devoted to Larrea tridentata, the creosote bush, the governess of the western deserts. She is a strong medicinal and energetic ally that can add a powerful element to your altar or space. You can read more about the amazing Creosote bush at



This candle calls for the energy of the Governess. She is dominant, powerful, ancient, and ever-present, yet with her carries a feminine light, freedom, and acceptance. Light this candle to find strength while maintaining softness and warmth, to shine light into inner darkness, and to step into your own power.



Please be careful where you place your candle - always burn attended and away from flammable materials, such as curtains, dry plants, and other fire hazards. Candle is available in either white ink on a green candle, or gold ink on a white candle.