The Resilient - 7 Day Candle


This unscented 7 day candle is devoted to Canis latrans, the coyote. For hundreds of years, the coyote has been considered a nuisance and trickster, and has faced numerous extermination attempts by humans. Always associated with sneakiness and considered an "undesirable", the coyote has maintained and thrived, holding it's ground, shifting, adapting, holding it's resiliency. This candle calls on the strength of the coyote, bringing in it's cacophony of howls to your altar or space, offering creative resourcefulness during dark times of persecution and other seemingly impossible battles.



This candle calls on the energy of the Resilient. The coyote is often called the trickster, sneaking through traps and hardships mankind lays out for them. This is actually deep resilience and fortitude. Light this candle when the world gets tough to bring forth your own intuition, creativity, strength, and resilience.



Please be careful where you place your candle - always burn attended and away from flammable materials, such as curtains, dry plants, and other fire hazards. Candle is available in black ink on a white or red candle.